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CORE dog food

With Wellness CORE, pyou should only focus on the dog airing and having fun with the dog. You can buy single sacks, or as a fixed delivery.

EVERYTHING in dog food

Dietary supplements

Care products

Try our new UltraMAX products

The best shampoo we have tried and use for our own dogs. Can be used both professionally and at home. Brought home directly from the USA and we are the only dealer in Scandinavia.

Free shipping when buying 3 optional products or when buying 3.8l

Get CORE dog food delivered right to your door whenever you want it.

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Choose your feed

Choose your feed and how often you want it delivered.

Your feed is on its way

We send your feed automatically when you need it to a delivery point, completely free of charge.

Quality requirements

Then you must enjoy the best quality feed so you can have quality time together.